What happened in the Archdiocese of Detroit last weekend has all the potential to begin a new chapter in not just the history of the Catholic Church in Detroit, but the very history of southeast Michigan! Over five hundred volunteers were mobilized to give voice to the challenge of our Archbishop to roll up our sleeves and unleash the Gospel in our hearts, families, neighborhoods and communities. Hopefully, many of you responded generously to our Archbishop’s challenge and are continuing to spend five minutes each day being inspired to joyfully and simply share the Good News of Jesus with those around you!

As your father in Christ, I am so excited and hopeful for the transformation that our Lord will continue to bring about in our lives and parish family. In a very real sense, the four years we have spent together have been preparing us for this moment.     Fr. Peter, Deacon Charlie, our entire parish staff and I have done our best to equip you for this moment. And now, I am asking you to do your best and to give your best in responding to our Archbishop’s call.


The word “ALPHA” means beginning! All the parishioners who have participated in our Alpha experience have become the heart and the driving force of the transformation that our Lord desires to bring about in our parish. I’m a priest, and I attended Alpha twice, and let me tell you, each time I grew in my faith, hope and love for Jesus. The Alpha experience is at the same time the best way to introduce someone to Jesus and to deepen profoundly one’s faith in Him. I have personally heard the testimony of parishioners from age 11 to age 70+ about all that our Lord accomplished in their lives because of the Alpha course. So, I renew my invitation and expectation: my invitation to all parishioners to attend the Alpha course in January, and my expectation that all parishioners involved in any of our ministries will attend the Alpha course. It’s time to set aside excuses! Don’t miss the boat! Do your best and respond generously to your Pastor’s invitation and expectation!


In anticipation of the Solemnity of All Saints, we were able to place the relics of ten saints in the east and west walls of our Church beneath the Stations of the Cross. In the weeks and months to come, we will be showing you how the Gospel was unleashed in the lives of these saints and how the power of the Gospel flowed through them and transformed others, even entire nations! The relics of our saints are the trophies of Jesus! Jesus was victorious in and through their lives! During their lives, Jesus shared with them His power to heal, cast out darkness and demons, and to touch and transform hearts. As you respond to our Archbishop’s call to unleash the Gospel, surround yourself with these amazing brothers and sisters of yours. You are not alone! The saints will bring your requests before the King on your behalf and they will intercede for your good!


The Gospel is not simply passing on information. The Gospel is the POWER of GOD to make all things new! It is the POWER of GOD to speak life to that which is dead. It is the POWER of GOD, to break chains and knock down walls. It is the POWER of GOD to cast out the darkness that surrounds you and at times nestles in our hearts. It is the POWER of GOD to crush the head of our enemy, the evil one, and uproot his weeds and thorns.

JESUS is alive! He paid the price of our sins and infidelities as He bore our sins on the Cross. When He rose from the dead, He trampled on death! You can know Him, love Him and allow Him to move with power in your lives! He is a Mighty Savior! Welcome Him into your hearts and homes: claim Him as your Lord and King! Pledge your allegiance to Him!

To unleash the Gospel is to facilitate someone else encountering Jesus. Jesus will do the heavy lifting, He has the answers to everyone’s questions and cries. You simply and joyfully need to introduce others to Him. It is like standing before someone in prison. They might be there because of trauma, fear, anger, confusion, pain, despair, or some form of addiction. They don’t believe there is hope for them to live and experience life differently. Unleashing the Gospel is standing before them in their prison cell and simply pointing out that the prison door is open! Jesus is offering them His hand! Jesus wants to be their Savior!

When someone has been living their life in “prison” and you show them the way out, well, that begins to rewrite the history of that person, their family, and all the people that are a part of their lives. And that, well, that changes history!

As we acknowledge this week those who’ve served in our military, we pray for peace throughout the world. Remember to keep each other in prayer.

Fr. Michael