You never go wrong when you begin with Jesus! In fact, when it comes to sharing our faith with others, no matter what the teaching or doctrine, we always do well by starting with our Savior.

Let me share with you an image that our Lord showed me in prayer so that we may learn to love and honor His Mother just as He does:

Reflect on all those mornings that Mother Mary clothed the Infant and Child Jesus with such love and tenderness!  With Divine Light from 1 Cor:15, we can only imagine with what love and tenderness Jesus clothed Mother Mary with Eternal Life in her assumption into Heaven and her coronation as Queen of Heaven and Earth. We know with what love and power Jesus spoke the name of His friend, Lazarus, as He raised him from the dead! All the more so when our Lord spoke the name of His Mother after she had breathed her last did He speak that name with such power, tenderness and joy!

Mary, in her very flesh, is a glorious proclamation of the Good News of Jesus! To see her, to be in her presence, to hear her voice is a glorious symphony of the greatest news the human family ever heard: that God so loved the world that He gave us His Only Begotten Son!

She truly is the Ark of the Covenant as she bore within her womb, beneath her heart, the Lawgiver, God Himself, our High Priest, and the Bread come down from heaven! We know from Revelations, she is one of the great signs that will appear in the heavens at the definitive establishment of the Kingdom of her Son and our Father! You see, in Mary's presence, the great serpent must remain silent. All of the evil one’s lies about our God and His Goodness and Faithfulness are crushed by Mother Mary’s very presence. From the moment that our Father did not spare His Only Begotten Son, how can we doubt His loving Goodness!

Scripture reveals to us that the life of every human person is a battle. There is no such thing as a pain free life. You and I are not strong enough to fight this battle by ourselves! Do you understand better why Jesus, on the Cross, asked each one of us to welcome Mother Mary into our homes and lives: son, daughter, behold your Mother!

Mary does one thing only but she does it in so many ways: she leads us to Jesus! She does not allow us to remain lukewarm before all her Son did for us and offers us. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty and even bloody removing the filth, thorns and chains which choke and stifle the power of God's Word in our lives. Just as she kept the home of Jesus pure, warm and welcoming, so too will she make our souls and lives a place that Jesus delights to visit!

Jesus is worthy of all your trust! He promises you that one day He shall clothe you with Eternal Life with love and tenderness! He will speak your name and you will rise from the grave! Just as He has already done this for His Mother, so shall He do for you! Allow Mother Mary to teach you how to live the life of a devout disciple of her Son so that all your confidence may be firmly rooted in her Divine Son!

Please listen to the Homily I preached on August 15th which you can find on our website: www.saintlouisedm.org to go even deeper into the celebration of our Lady's Assumption and Coronation!

During Labor Day weekend, God, we pray that all our labors, whether big or small in the world’s eyes, will glorify you. Open your heart to God’s loving word and pray for one another.

Fr. Michael