08/13/2017 - "LISTEN TO HIM"


When our Father speaks to us, because He is TRUTH and LIGHT, it is always a pure revelation of that which is on His heart. This past Sunday, as we celebrated the Transfiguration of our Lord, our Father revealed a profound desire of His heart: He so desires all of us to hear the voice of His Son and to listen to Him!

Jesus offers us His hand and invites us to follow Him. He wants to lead us to a place, where just like Peter, James, and John, He can remove the veil so we can see the heavens opened, experience the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit and hear the voice of our Father. In this place, our Lord will reveal to us His glory which is also our glory. For those of us who will take His hand and follow Him, we will hear the Lord speak a Word of Salvation over our lives. Jesus, the Son of God, sees and knows our hearts and knows exactly what each one of us needs to hear in any given moment.


Before we go forward, St. Peter wants to share a passionate testimonial for all of us, especially those of us who hesitate or doubt or whose faith has grown cold or indifferent.


Peter begins by exclaiming emphatically: Listen, when I proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to you, it does not come from some cleverly devised myth. When I tell you that the Father so loves the World that He has given you His Only Begotten Son, I am sharing with you what I have seen and what I have heard. James, John, and I are eyewitnesses of the Glory and Power of Jesus. On Mount Tabor, we saw Jesus lifted high, the Holy Spirit overshadowing us, the heavens opened, and the mighty voice of our Father declaring about Jesus: This is my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased! Listen to Him! Peter inspires us to believe and adhere fully to the Good News! It is real!


The second part of Peter’s testimony is about God’s Most Holy Word. Peter reassures us that every time we pick up the Word of the Lord, we will truly hear the words of our Father. Sacred Scripture truly is the Word of God! We can come to know and love Jesus more and more through the Bible. Peter tells us that God’s Word has the power to be a lamp in the midst of our darkness. Peter inspires all of us to take the next step in terms of our relationship with God’s Word. For those of us that don’t have a Bible in our homes, let’s acquire one this week! For those of us that don’t know where our bible is, let’s find it before the sun sets!  For those of us who have a Bible collecting dust on a shelf, let’s get it down, dust it off, and place it in a place of prominence in our homes. Let all of us commit to spending time with God’s Word in our hands. Let us grow accustomed to hearing our Father speak to us every day about His Son and about His love for us!


As we draw near to Jesus, He reveals to us that everything He does and says gives Glory to His Father and is for our good. Let’s take a look at how the Transfiguration of our Lord gives Glory to His Father and is for our good.

Our Lord’s Transfiguration gives Glory to our Father because it reveals to us how faithful and how powerful our Father is. Our Father created us to share eternally in His own Divine Life! He created us to share in His Life not as spirits, but as body, soul, and spirit. In the Transfiguration of His Son, our Father reveals how He will accomplish His plan in our lives: our human nature, and our body will be so intimately united to His Divinity, that we will be glorified just as Jesus was!

Jesus was transfigured just before He was to suffer His passion, death, and resurrection. Our Lord’s transfiguration gives us hope that, yes, when we suffer, when we go through a valley of tears, we know that glory awaits us! Our faith and relationship with Jesus gives us the assurance to be able to say at all times, together with St. Paul, the sufferings of the present moment have no comparison to the glory that awaits!


At every Holy Mass, we are offered the exact same experience as Peter, James, and John: we, too will see Jesus lifted high, the heavens opened, the Holy Spirit overshadowing, and our Father proclaiming “This is My Beloved Son . . . Listen to Him!” At every Holy Mass, may we always take the hand of Jesus and always follow Him. And, when we hear the sweet voice of our Savior, may we always hear that Word of Salvation that He speaks over our lives!


I will be away from the parish for the weekend of August 12-13 and on retreat until Friday, August 18. Please lift me up in prayer as I withdraw from the daily grind to spend quiet time with our loving Savior!

Wishing you a blessed week and remember to pray for each other.

Fr. Michael