Our celebration of the Solemnity of
Pentecost was so beautiful! My hope is that
what we experienced on Pentecost will be
both an anchor and a foundation for us as we
move forward as a parish family!
Pentecost is both a serious and a joyful
celebration. Serious, because of the Gift and
Promise of the Father, the outpouring of the
Holy Spirit, and joyful because of the
realization and experience of how much we
are loved!
This past Sunday, Jesus wanted to enter
into a covenant with each one of us. Through
the prayers of His Holy Bride and through His
most Holy Word, He laid out very clearly both
ends of the covenant: that which He was asking of us
and that which He promises if we say “yes!” to Him and
take His hand. But before we could even begin to
understand what our Lord desires to accomplish in our
lives and in the life of our parish family, we first had to
understand and embrace “the why?” our Father sent us
Jesus and the Holy Spirit in the first place.

In the words of our Archbishop, our Father sent us
Jesus and the Holy Spirit because He wants Warren
back! Jesus and the Holy Spirit were sent to lead us
back into our Father’s loving embrace. We see this truth
very clearly in three different moments: Creation, Fall,
and Redemption
CREATION: As we saw on the Feast of the
Ascension, our Father created us out love and for love!
Created in His image and likeness, we have this
inherent power to know, to love and to serve Him. He
loves to hear our voices. He loves when we turn to Him
at any moment of our day, no matter where we are, and
call out to Him. He loves to walk with us, share our
lives, and lead us to eternal life.
FALL: We sinned. We disobeyed. We turned our
backs to the living God. It is because of the works of the
devil and our own sin that death and sickness entered
into God’s glorious creation. Woe to the man who
points his finger at our Lord and blames Him for
sickness and death: they are not His handiwork! Our
Father sent us His Son and the Holy Spirit, because He
is not indifferent to our plight. When we suffer, He is
moved with pity and compassion. He sent Jesus to be
our loving and mighty Savior!
REDEMPTION: What a sweet image
from the Gospel of John. Our Crucified and
Risen Jesus, standing in our midst, showing
us the wounds of His passion and speaking
a word of peace over our lives. Jesus has
trampled upon death: He is alive! With Jesus
at our side, with our hand in His hand, we
have nothing to fear: our sins, any darkness
or chains, and even death itself do not stand
a chance before Jesus! Jesus died and rose
so that the gates of paradise might be
reopened for us. We are heaven bound! We
have no stable dwelling place on this earth!

We find such a clear answer in Sunday’s
Gospel: As the Father has sent me, so I
send you! Jesus wants to be set free from
our churches. He wants to walk our streets
again, sup in our homes, teach in our marketplaces,
heal the wounded, set free the captive, and to do all of
this, the Son of God, in His infinite Wisdom, Love and
Mercy has chosen you! As the Father has sent me, so I
send you! Jesus is asking us to continue His mission of
leading souls back to our Father’s loving embrace.
St. Paul was of great encouragement. He helped
us to understand that we were created for this mission.
Each one of us has received a special manifestation of
the Holy Spirit. We are each equipped to help build up
God’s family as it journeys towards our heavenly
homeland. Life begins when you recognize how special
and precious you are in God’s eyes, that you have
been given unique gifts that are meant to build up your
brothers and sisters, and when you exercise those gifts
to help people to discover, heal, and grow in our Lord’s
love for them!

We will experience the fullness of life that our Lord
created us for. Our Father will fill and surround us with
the Holy Spirit. Our lives will be enveloped by the love
and presence of God. The Holy Spirit will lead us and
guide us. The Holy Spirit will give us the ability to
speak to a person’s heart. As more and more of us
embrace our mission, the Holy Spirit will confirm our
testimony by working signs and wonders: there will be
clear manifestations that Jesus is alive, that He is
present, and that He heals!
Let’s remember to keep each other in prayer this
In Jesus and Mary,
Fr. Michael