Last Sunday, we had the great joy of thanking and praising our Lord for the wonderful gift of our moms! Hopefully you won’t mind me dedicating this week’s bulletin article to these extraordinary women!

We know that moms and the gift of spiritual motherhood are very important to our Lord and Creator. We know this for many reasons, but especially because He speaks about our moms in the first book of the Bible, the last book of the Bible, and at the heart of the Bible, the Gospel. Let’s take the tool we learned last week, that two pronged approach to Sacred Scripture to see both what the Lord has revealed about our moms and how we ought to respond.


Our Lord reveals how we received the extraordinary gift of life from our moms! When our moms held us in their arms for the first time, they experienced an amazing love that knows no limits of time and no conditions. This love of our moms can flow only from the very love of God for us! We ought to respond by both thanking and honoring our moms for the gift of our life and all the love we have received from them.

Our Father also reveals that we can receive both hurt and wounds from our mom. Adam and Eve were both wounded by original sin and they pass that wound to us. In the same way our parents can pass genetic defects and tendencies to us, they can pass spiritual ones as well. Some of us did not experience the love, affirmation, and nourishment that moms ought to give to their children. Some of us were deeply wounded by the absence of our moms or by ill treatment or behavior. Our Father asks us to respond to this hurt and these wounds by relying on Him for the grace to forgive our moms!


Our Lord revealed the greatest of loves as He hung on the Cross for our salvation. Our Lord taught us that the greatest of loves is to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. Our moms revealed this greatest of loves  throughout our lives, especially during the first days, weeks, months and years that followed our birth. As we reflect upon the millions of sacrifices that our moms made for us, a fitting response would be to love them back in the same way they loved us: to lay down our lives for our moms with a generous love!

For all of us, especially for those of us whose moms weren’t present or weren’t capable of giving us the love and encouragement we needed, Jesus spoke a word about His mom while He hung on the Cross: “Behold your Mother!” Jesus revealed that He wants all of us to have a special relationship with His mom. We ought to respond in the same way the apostle John responded, who took Mary that day into his home. We should welcome Mother Mary into our hearts, homes, and families and be devoted to her and strive to love her in the same way Jesus loves her!


Our Lord reveals that the sign of His Mother will be one of the great signs that will appear in the heavens just before He returns to definitively crush the head of Satan beneath His feet. The triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is an essential part of God’s plan of salvation. The Book of Revelation gives us great hope. It’s amazing to think that Jesus, even now in Heaven, in His Father’s House is able to take His mom in His strong and loving embrace! That He is able to give her a tender kiss! Precisely because nothing can separate us from the love of Christ, neither life nor death, we can be confident that one day we too will see our moms again and enjoy their friendship. Even now, from Heaven, we can experience the love, warmth and presence of our moms in our lives! Our response to what our Lord reveals in Revelation is a response of a great and confident hope!

Jesus, thank you for your gift of the Spirit of Truth that is with us always. May the Spirit guide our worship and our lives as we pray for each other this week.

Fr. Michael