Jesus is risen, alleluia! Our Lord has trampled upon death! And every time we gather in our Father’s house, in our beloved parish church, we have the opportunity for a life-changing encounter with Jesus.

The proclamation of God’s Word, just as the prayerful reading of Scripture, is like gazing into a mirror. When we prayerfully read God’s Word, we can see how we are doing. Not how we are doing in terms of are we good or bad people, nor how we are doing in terms of are we breaking or following the rules, but rather how we are doing in terms of in light of who God is and all He has done for us, how are we responding.

When we hold God’s Word in our hands, our Lord truly reveals something about Himself and or about something He has done for us. This experience of the Lord revealing Himself to us elicits a response on our part. Let’s look at some examples found in scripture.


In the Book of Revelation, our Father revealed something very special about His Son. Jesus is worthy! He is worthy of everything you’ve got! He’s worthy of every beat of your heart. He’s worthy of every breath you’ll take. Every molecule of your being desires to acknowledge and acclaim Jesus as Lord and Savior! He’s worthy because He’s the Lamb that was slain for us! He is worthy because He suffered death in our place and has risen from the dead, trampling upon death. A fitting response to this revelation would be to worship Jesus, with all your heart, soul and strength, to claim Him as your mighty Lord!


St. John’s Gospel reveals that this very Jesus who is worthy of all your praise is passionately invested in your daily and ordinary life. Our Risen Lord drew near to His friends as they had returned to fishing. Jesus desires to draw near to you in your daily life, in those ordinary moments. He wants you to experience His presence. He wants to move with power on your behalf, working those little daily miracles that increase your love and faith in Him. A fitting response to this revelation is to love and seek Jesus in our daily lives.


In the Acts of the Apostles, our Lord reveals to us that He has chosen to share His mediation and power with us. With the gift of the Holy Spirit, He gives His power to His friends. His friends, out there in the world, bring the light and power of Jesus. When they encounter darkness, sickness or enslavement to sin or the evil one, these men speak and act with power in the name of Jesus. A fitting response to our Lord’s desire to share His power and mediation with us would be to live our lives for Him! When we encounter darkness or suffering in our world, let us speak and act with love and power in the Holy Name of Jesus!

Imagine the peace of God touching us in such a way that we can always, in all ways live in peace with others. With warm hands and joyous hearts let us reach out to each other in peace and prayers.

Fr. Michael