05/06/2018 - "FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST URGES US ON,.........."

“For the love of Christ urges us on, because we are convinced that one has died for all; therefore all have died.  And he died for all, so that those who live might live no longer for themselves, but for him who died and was raised for them.” 2 Cor 5:14-15

Peace of Jesus in your heart and on your lips!

These are very exciting times in the life of the our parish family: we recently witnessed our second graders make their First Holy Communion and our 8th graders are to receive a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit as they will confirmed by Bishop Battersby on May 6th. Over the past few years, we’ve also witnessed an increase in the number of children being baptized together with an increase of couples asking Jesus to bless their marriage. These are tangible signs that Jesus is blessing our parish family!

We have also experienced many blessings with our homily series, “The Love of Christ Urges Us on!” Through a new and renewed commitment to daily prayer and daily reading of the Scriptures, we experience our Lord’s presence having an impact on our everyday life. Nourished by the 7 Sacraments helped us to discover and rediscover a sense of awe, wonder and gratitude for the Divine Life and Power that God communicates to us through the Sacraments of Holy Church. Now, in Love of Brethren, we experience our Lord touching and changing lives by the way we generously love one another. As we move toward our Parish Mission on June 3rd, 4th, and 5th and continue with the fifth phase of our homily series, Go Forth, let us be confident that our Lord will continue to strengthen us and call us to live our lives for Him!

In just a few short weeks, the 37th annual CATHOLIC SERVICES APPEAL (CSA) will kick off in parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Detroit.

CSA Weekend at St. Louise begins May 19 & 20

Our participation in this annual event is our way of being actively involved and committed to bringing the joy of the Gospel not just to Warren, but throughout the whole archdiocese. Our contribution to the CSA is one of the ways that we can be a part of Jesus’ Mission here in Detroit!

This year our parish’s CSA target is $82,191. This amount is the sum of our AOD assigned goal of $78,261 + $3,930 which was our shortfall from last year’s campaign. If we exceed our assigned goal, 100% of the overage will be returned directly to our parish. If we do not meet that number, the new shortfall will be taken from the funds we had budgeted for operating expenses. It is important to mention that no CSA dollars have ever been – or ever will be – used to settle claims of any nature against the AOD. The Archdiocesan Finance Council, which is made up of some very astute and financially judicious women and men, oversees the distribution of CSA funds to ensure that all the ministries, programs and services receive the support they need to carry out the work of the Church.

Shifting gears, but only slightly, I want to bring to your attention that we have made some changes to how we will conduct CSA 2018 at St. Louise de Marillac.  On the weekend of May 19th and 20th, right after the homily, I will speak for a few minutes at ALL Masses about the CSA.  Ushers and Ministers of Hospitality will then distribute an envelope with a CSA pledge card to each family and all individuals.  With the pencils found at both ends of each pew, you will be asked to fill out the pledge card by clearly printing your name and address and indicating the amount you wish to pledge/give toward the success of the campaign. As in the past, you can select your term of payment- “one time” offering or the (9-mo. or quarterly) pledging process. In addition to the standard methods of payment by check or cash, you will see that this year, you can also choose either Credit Card or Electronic Transfer methods of payment. Any donation by check, however, should be made payable to:


After you have filled out the pledge card and placed it back in the envelope, the ushers will collect the material before we continue with Mass and our Profession of Faith. Please note: you do not have to put your credit card information on the pledge card, nor are you obligated to bring your checkbook on May 19 & 20. We will be sending your pledge cards to the Chancery. A few weeks later you will receive an AOD letter verifying the information that you provided. If you are intending to use the credit card or electronic transfer option for payment for your “one-time” donation or timed pledge, the letter will ask for and explain how your relevant banking information is to be provided directly to the AOD. This is a NEW process at St. Louise and we hope that it will be less inconvenient for you and more effective in results.

I ask all parishioners, between now and CSA Weekend, to give some thought and prayer to what level of support you can give to the CSA. This new process will go much smoother if we come to Church with a decision in mind.  For this year, I encourage all the families and individuals to make a pledge of $300.

There is a wonderful 9 month payment plan that would allow one to make an initial payment of $30, followed by a pledge of $30 a month over the following nine months.  As for me, I have made the decision to support the CSA by means of a $500 pledge. On CSA Weekend, when I turn in my pledge card, included will be a check in the amount of $300. On my pledge card I will check off the box indicating I wish to pay the balance by charging $22 to my credit card over a 9-month period beginning in July. Sometime within the next six weeks the AOD will send me a letter asking for my pertinent banking information. While this is the simplest and easiest way for me to make my donation, I realize that no two families or people are alike so I am not asking people to give a set amount. What we are asking is for equal sacrifice, not equal gifts.

I believe that making use of the time right after the homily at Mass will simplify the process come CSA Weekend. I will be taking you through this step-by-step process again.  You won’t have to stand in a line after Mass to turn in your pledge card, nor will you have to be concerned that the person standing behind you in line might overhear what you are saying regarding your pledge amount. I am most appreciative to those who have generously supported the CSA in past years.

Thank you for making the CSA an instrument of God’s abiding presence. Without your support, the AOD could not meet the spiritual and temporal needs of so many in the six counties which comprise our Archdiocese.

As we go about our daily routines, let’s find time to pray for each other.

Fr. Michael