04/01/2018 - "GO TELL MY BROTHERS!"


My heart is overflowing with joy and gratitude! Our Holy Week’s celebration of the victory of Jesus over sin and death was breathtaking! Our celebrations increased my hope that we will indeed allow Jesus to accomplish all that He desires within our lives and within our community!

These celebrations are special because of the superabundant grace from our heavenly Father. Through our celebration of the victory of His Son, Jesus, over sin and death, our Father is revealing very clearly who He is; who we are; and who we are to become: the tomb is empty! After bearing our sins on the Cross on Good Friday, after dying in our place out of love for us, after washing away our sins in His most Precious Blood, Jesus is risen from the tomb! He’s alive! We can know Him; we can love Him; and we can be established in a relationship with Him!

Our Father so desires His plan for your life to be accomplished that what He offers us every Sunday, on Easter and throughout this Easter Season, He offers with a superabundance of grace! He wants the victory of His Son to touch and to transform your life!

To become what our Father calls us to be, He wants us to understand that a most wonderful exchange is to take place: He offers something to you and you fully receive His gift and respond by offering something to Him.

Our Father is offering you His Son, Jesus! In the same way He offered and entrusted His Son to Mother Mary, He is offering and entrusting His greatest treasure to you!


You see, in the Eucharist, because Jesus is really and truly present, His whole life is being offered to you! Our Father is offering you all of Jesus’ power, love, mercy, glory and splendor! Let us run into our Father’s loving embrace, sit on His lap, and let Him tell us about His Son!


Our Father spoke to us of the hidden life of His Son: How for thirty years, Jesus was passionately engaged in all the ordinary circumstances of our life. He did everything for love of His Father and for His Glory! Our Lord is calling you to something more than just praying in the morning and maybe praying in the evening. Our Father wants you to offer Him your whole life, your daily life! He wants you to welcome Jesus into all the ordinary circumstances of your life so that Jesus may teach you and empower you to do all things, even the little things, for the love and glory of our Father!


As our Father speaks to us about His Son, He tells of all the healings that Jesus accomplished. We see how it was enough for someone to touch Jesus or to allow Him to touch them and be healed. We saw how our Lord, by calling the name of someone who had died, they came back to life. Our Father wants you to offer Him your wounds! Stop nursing grudges and allow Jesus to touch and heal your wounds. At times, we hold onto our wounds as if they were precious pearls. Our wounds, in our sight, allow us to justify our anger, indignation, and sorrow. Yet, Jesus wants you to offer Him your wounds! He wants you to trust in His healing touch! If there is any “death” in your own life: your faith, your hope, your marriage, your family life, your work or your joy, Jesus wants you to invite Him in and ask Him to speak a word of life over that which has died.


Jesus is alive! He has trampled upon death! Jesus has paid the price for all of our sins! Our Father invites us to give our sins to Jesus! This is no longer a time to hide behind our sins: thinking, “there’s no way God could love me or care about me because I am such a sinner!” That is nonsense! Jesus died so that all of your sins could be forgiven! He has the power to break your chains and set you free! Encounter Jesus in the sacrament of reconciliation, give Him your sins, and experience the freedom and newness of life that comes from His merciful love!

Together with St. Paul, we too exclaim: nothing can separate us from the love of Jesus! Neither trials nor tribulations; neither life nor death; nothing can separate us from the love of God!


As you and I experience more and more the life changing exchanges/encounters with our Risen Lord, we will begin to hear ever more clearly a command and invitation from the lips of our Savior: “Go tell my brothers!” When we have encountered the Risen Jesus and experienced the impact He has had, and still has on our lives, we have something that is worth sharing with others.

When we see people that are hurting, lost, confused, sorrowful, in the midst of storms, mourning, you name it, we DO HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS TO SHARE! Jesus is sending us forth into our neighborhoods and communities to tell His brothers: come to St. Louise! There, you will see Jesus!


I wish everyone here today a blessed and Happy Easter, knowing that our Savior, Jesus, is risen from the dead, alive in this world and waiting to have a relationship with you.

Today and every day, remember to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Fr. Michael